Gynaecology Endoscopic Surgery Workshop

From 11th to 12th of February Prima Vista training center hosted gynecological endoscopic surgery course, which became the first step in 3-level Inter-University Diploma program of Gynecological Operative Endoscopy Clermont-Ferrand, France 2016. The course was held under supervision of MISS-E (The Minimally Invasive Surgery Society of Egypt established 2010, in Alexandria, Egypt). Doctors from 3 different countries: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt attended the course. All together there were 19 people who took active part in lectures and hands on training.


Started with a short introduction of FourMed modular operating room equipped with Richard wolf endoscopic tower, Trumpf surgical light and operating table, and the HT control panel. It is the HT control panel that is indispensable for coordinating all the work procedures in the operation room. By combining this high quality brands with long history on market we aim to show the way modern OR could look like.

The course started with Professor Hesham Abdel Fattah’ presentation of Operating Theatre set up. He vividly demonstrated on how to create ergonomic, safe and convenient environment for both patients and doctors. The presentation was followed by another lecture on ectopic pregnancy conducted by Professor Fady Moiety who shared experience and observation based on his extensive practice. The lecture about endometriosis then conducted by Dr. Tarek Soliman dwelled on the speaker’s personal approach to this problem-enriched knowledge of the course participants.

Lunch and coffee break in reception area of the training center was held in an informal atmosphere, during that time invited guests discussed issues raised in the lectures. The rest of the day was devoted to hands on training on 4 fully equipped workstations endoscopic system providing high quality video image. One workstation was designed for laparoscopy. The participants were using Richard Wolf laparoscopic instruments such as endoscopes trocars, scissors and forceps, needle holders, mechanical simulator (A box with the possibility of trocar insertion. Another workstation was used for hysteroscopy. It was equipped with Surgical Female Pelvic Trainer (SFPT) that simulates a wide range of laparoscopic gynecological surgical techniques and procedures. The other two stations were used for suturing training. One of the important tasks of training was mastering suturing technique that requires many hours of practice and right instruments


On the second day of surgical course plenty of time was devoted to the advanced procedures. One of the most prominent lectures of the day was given by doctor Hossam Abdel Maguid. Dwelled on laparoscopic hysterectomy. The lecture allowed an opportunity to participants of the course to learn new things in the sphere of hysterectomy and turned to be enriching experience for the audience. As well as on the previous day, the theoretical part of the course was followed by practice. Every participant had enough time to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

On finishing this two-days surgical course all the participants obtained Certificate of Attendance and were awarded with 12.5 SME hours. All the guests admitted the obvious fact that the course turned out to be very informative and useful. Everyone enjoyed its atmosphere and eventful structure. The door of our training center is always open to people seeking to enhance, expand or share the knowledge in their area of expertise. We are looking forward to more events and will update our journal with new reports and pictures.

Dear guests and potential clients, in our training center you will find the most experienced and well known teachers with extensive practical skills and deep knowledge of the subject. Beneficial atmosphere will create further stimuli for effective work.

Alena Ulantsikava

STC Representative