On the 27th – 28th of October, FourMed team was honored to take part and support two-days Second HANDS-ON COURSE IN NEONATAL & PEDIATRIC ENDOSCOPY SURGERY in close cooperation with Pediatric Surgery Society and Sharjah University.

Dr. Khalid Khalfan, Associate Professor, UOS Consultant Laparoscopic & Pediatric Surgeon at Al-Qassimi hospital (MOH) mentioned that all the lectures were instructive and kept to the point. More visual material was used to meet educational needs of the participants at most. However, our FourMed team concentrated more on the practical part of the workshop where hands on practice provided with the use of a complete range of laparoscopy products by Richard Wolf and 5 working stations that were specifically geared for the animal lab. It’s another time we would like to underline the importance animal lab plays in transition from theory to practical skills for any surgeons demand. Naturally, the outcome of this workshop speaks for itself.

Station 1. Dr. Adel Al Junaibi. Consultant Pediatric Surgeon and Pediatric Urologist SKMC (MOA) Laparoscopic Neonatal and Pediatric Surgeon. Dr Adel showed deep knowledge of RW towers and instruments since his work with Richard Wolf equipment has been established already for quite long time. His feedback was strongly positive concerning the whole procedure. During the first day Dr. Al Junaibi was assisting at all the stations to make sure that the workflow at stations was smooth. On second day, he performed thoracoscopy, dissection of esophagus, and diaphragmal hernia repair.

Station 2. Dr. Mohamed Hobeldin. Pediatric surgeon. He has pointed out the excellent set up of Richard Wolf towers for practice and especially high quality of the video system. He also mentioned the importance of working step by step on developing essential skills for surgeons focusing mainly on practicing the basic skills. At the first day of the workshop he devoted time to development of basic skills in terms of coordination of both hands, suturing technique, position of trocars, handling tissue, tower and instruments set up. While during second day, Dr. Hobeldin completed semi-advanced procedures: Diaphragmal hernia repair, cholecystectomy and fundoplication.

Station 3. Dr. Mohamed Hassan. He was pleased that he had enough time to assist every attendee during the practice and that the animal lab gave participants the feeling of real operation. The chance to work with real tissue is great advantage of this workshop as pointed out by Dr. Hobeldin. Both days he was assisting at the advanced workstations. On Day one performed fundoplication, intestinal anastomosis, diafragmal hernia repair. While on Day two performed diafragmal hernia repair, and different types of intracorporeal suturing.

Station 4 Dr. Hesham Ahmady Soliman. Professor of pediatric surgery/urology, the Head of division of pediatric surgery and urology SKMC Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu-Dhabi, UAE. For the second time Dr. Ahmady is sharing his experience in pediatric workshop and once again he was pleased with set up of workstations and assistance of FourMed team. Day one was devoted to semi-advanced procedures; and has performed gastrojejunostomy, fundoplication, and bowl to bowl anastomosis. Day two was devoted to advanced practice such as hernia repair, bowl to bowl anastomosis esophagus atresia repair (blocked esophagus) .

Station 5 Dr. Khalid Eid Alharbi Consultant pediatric surgeon at Tawam Hospital, UAE and Clinical Assistant Professor, McMaster University, Canada.  He shared his opinion on the improvement in workshop organization comparing to the first one. On day one basic/advanced procedures were performed: Bowel to bowel anastomosis, different types of suturing. Day two was devoted to  Diaphragmal hernia repair, Nissen fundoplication.

At the end of this challenging but highly productive 2-day event we would like to point out that cooperation between organizers, lecturers, doctors, assistants and FourMed team has brought everyone to the peak of their abilities and greatly contributed to successful accomplishment of all objectives.

Within such context of scientific workshops, FourMed aims to support and create the right environment to share knowledge between healthcare professionals at different levels, to build a fruitful network between the event participants, and to upgrade skills of the doctor to the best possible level using the advanced products of Richard Wolf.

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Alena Ulantsikava

Showroom representative.