Hysteroscopy & laparoscopy workshop

Hysteroscopy & laparoscopy workshop.

On 29th -30th of September FourMed- Prima vista training center once more was host for a workshop. This time it was a 2-day Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy Workshop accredite by DHA with 6 CME.

The event was developed organized, and conducted by FourMed team in close cooperation with Richard Wolf. Our aim was to provide best possible practical knowledge, equipment and facilities for the invited surgeons in order to enhance and develop their skills in operative gynecology. The number of participants was also carefully selected to ensure that our attendees got highest opportunity to consolidate their experience and have the enough time to practice the procedures.

We have invited 6 prominent and well know lecturers from Middle East and Europe to share newest ideas and techniques and to assist the invited doctors at workstations.

First day of the event was devoted to hysteroscopy and has included both theory and practice on 4 fully equipped stations for office hysteroscopy, operative hysteroscopy, endometrial thermos-ablation and resection of mayoma.

On the second day we concentrated purely on laparoscopy and this time most of our attention was focused on practical aspects. There were two practical sessions during the day. At First our participants were working on dry lab which consisted of suturing, dissection, ovarian cyst and mayoma resection procedures. Afterwards all the afternoon was devoted to for a wet lab workshop. We provided 4 stations. The First one was equipped with laparoscopy simulator in which camel uterus was inserted to practice the procedure. Second station was for practicing suturing on chicken tissue and 2 last stations were equipped with animal bodies to practice every step of operation starting from insertion of veres needle with insufflation and finishing with suturing. The procedures performed were: salpingectomy, ectopic pregnancy and tube ligation.  At the end of the second day all our attendees got certificates awarded with 6 CME hours.

We strive to provide the link between technology and people for best outcome. We see real people behind every instrument and we want to reach everyone for better service and greater support to our valued partners and customers. This well organized event has demonstrated our strong commitement in continuously adding value to our approach to our customers by focusing on what really matter, that’s the education support to our local surgeons improving their technical skills for better healthcare services.

Alena Ulantsikava.

Showroom Representative.