We are committed to service excellence through our high-standard proficiency at providing our valued customers with exceptional services before, during, and after disclosing a purchase of any of our products and solutions. One of our brightest beliefs is that good customer service is the milestone leading to success. Accordingly, achieving our company’s core objectives, enhancing our presence in the market as a trustful supplier of both advanced solutions and high quality products, are the outcomes of holding still to “serving excellence” as a notion of our company. We are committed to service excellence and we are taking all necessary measures as well as directing all our business operations towards uplifting our ability to provide our customers with excellent technical and logistic services.

Our service team is composed of well-trained and experienced service engineers and application specialists that are certified by the original manufacturers of our products. They are fully capable of supporting our clients with effective technical services in terms of maintenance for the installed equipment, as well as conducting continuous training for the operators at the customer site.

SkopyFix is a specialized service center for all Richard Wolf products that is authorized by Richard Wolf GmbH in order to carry over the repair and exchange services of Richard Wolf quality products following the high standards of RW factory and main service center in Germany.



SkopyFix Service Center is equipped with all needed repair tools and spare parts to cover most of repair service requirements that are handled by the service center professional and dedicated team of well-trained and experienced service engineers. The center’s engineers are under subtle supervision and on direct and continuous technical support with Richard Wolf’s repair service experts.

We offer service contracts, repair exchange of different types of equipment, back up solutions and many other related different services that could be tailored according to our customer’s demands.

RW Repair Exchange Program

RW Repair Exchange Program

With the cooperation of Richard Wolf, we offer a special repair exchange program as an alternative to individual repair for virtually all rigid endoscopes and a large number of RW mechanical instruments. Take advantage of our offer and make use of our repair exchange program which allows you to stay technically always up to date. We guarantee CE conformity, high value retention and longer lifetime. All exchange products pass through the same stringent quality processes as our new medical products.



A special service program for endoscopy surgical instruments that delivers a stable and consistent quality results with clear terms and conditions.


Fast Service

Most of the commonly used instruments and telescopes are available in stock for immediate delivery to replace the damaged item assuring smooth operation at the client site.


Quality Guarantied

Repair exchange items are offered with the same warranty conditions applied by Richard Wolf on normal purchase to ensure that the replacement instruments and telescopes are free of any manufacturing defects.


Cost Effective Service

Depending on the item type, repair exchange costs around 30% to 50% less than a purchase of a new similar item.