Fairness, equal employment opportunities, continuous career development for all FourMed employees, and job enrichments, will always remain as our main goals in order to achieve and maintain a motivating and friendly working environment, which is being realized as one of the main success factors toward the continuous business growth.

Recruiting talented employees is one of the most critical and important strategic functions of our organization. We strive always to recruit best fit candidates in relation to the nature of the required job, and in addition to the required qualifications of the best fit candidates, we pay good attention and apply different tests to explore the underlying attitude of applying candidates as possible.


FourMed Organizational Culture & Guiding Principles:

FourMed culture is developed over time based on the founders’ beliefs, vision, and mission of the company, as well as the company strategic objectives and the 4 main commitments of the company, among which the development of outstanding employees is the most important and believed to be as one of the corner stones of the organization continuous success and growth. We strive to build and enhance a culture that encourages fair employment opportunities, honesty, positive attitude, continuous learning and development, and welcome employees within a friendly working environment. Therefore, some major guiding principles are developed and will be continuously enhanced toward the empowerment of strategic human resource management that value humans and their requirements to be effective members in the organization.

Our FourMed guiding principles that are in fact describing the culture of FourMed organization and its founders’ values and beliefs, can be summarized as follows:

High ethics, mutual respect, and
positive attitudes are the mostly valued at our organization

No Boss, but a coach supportive attitude, with clearly distributed tasks and responsibilities based on individual’s abilities, capabilities, qualifications, and experience.

We encourage open fearless communication, every one should have
the chance to speak and present own ideas through the professionally designated channels.

We encourage teamwork with clear responsibilities of team members, and we are accountable and responsible for our actions as a team but not as individuals.

The most precious resource of the organization is its employees. We take care of our own, so we are able to take care of our organization’s businesses and our customers.

No blame. Making no mistakes means you never tried, whereas a mistake is investigated in order to be avoided.

We encourage a friendship relations between the employees based on mutual respect and a way from any ethnic or nationality scales.

We perform because we want to, but not because we have to.

We encourage creative ideas, innovation, and positive change, and we value those employees who suggest ideas and we strive to reward them accordingly.