Our competent project team is always committed to deliver quality on time

We offer comprehensive and turnkey solutions for the infrastructure and equipping of health care facilities and at different levels, whether it is a small clinic or a hospital project. Our abilities overpass supplying and installation of a certain product. It includes offering extreme makeover solutions such as designing, building, equipping surgical theatres, reaching an aggregate supply and installation of all required hospital equipment and furniture. The proper time management combined with the organizing and controlling of our resources is the headline of our methodology to deliver our solution with the best interest of our clients.

Our project management team is composed of well-trained and experienced engineers that are equipped with all necessary tools in order to facilitate their work for achieving project goals within the agreed time frame.

Our project management team is composed of well-trained and experienced engineers that are equipped with all necessary tools in order to facilitate their work for achieving project goals within the agreed time frame. The team members are responsible for accomplishing their time framed tasks under the impact of smooth coordination and teamwork atmosphere. Such spiritual values are comprehensively being controlled by the company’s management, guaranteeing continuous progress and achievement of each objective following the announced project time schedule.

Designing of different working areas at hospitals, such as Surgical Workplace, Catheterization Labs, and Intensive Care Units “ICUs”. Taking into account the best workflow planning in accordance with the highest standards to meet the facility’s licensing requirements dictated by the concerned authorities. The design will be based on the building architectural design. It visualizes all the required details in terms of MEP planning, medical gas systems and all other infrastructural requirements.

Preparation of a detailed Bill of Quantity “BOQ” for all required equipment, instruments, and furniture supplied and installed as per the approved design drawings. This will include all specification data sheets for the offered materials that fit the design and the necessities of the project owner.

Professional execution by our qualified engineers and technicians, in coordination with other site contractors, such as MEP contractors, when necessary. That’s along with the continuous support received from our manufacturing partners.

Professional completion and handing over to the client covering aspects like professional testing, and commissioning of all installed materials providing all required and necessary documentations.

Professional on-site training by our product specialists for the end users on all of the installed systems. These training setups continue until the end user reaches a state of smooth and confident ability to operate and run such installed equipment.

Continuous technical support to our client assuring the efficiency and simplicity of our provided solutions. This includes fast response to service calls, preventive maintenance, and continuous application support to the end users.

Financial offers that usually provide curing remedies conditioned with simple certain terms to support our clients as much as possible. We also aid our clients in preparing financial visibility studies on the investment of our selected solutions.

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Making complex requirements transparent with 3D planning

We start building our solutions from the scratch by listening carefully to the customer’s requirements, recognize and understand their expectations as well as their budget limitations. Consequently, we sketch down our proposed solutions accordingly, present it and discuss it with patience and susceptibility to change any portions contained within these solutions. Afterwards, the confirmed solution gets transferred to a further professional level of virtual drawing and designing according to the highest standards combined with the best workflow planning, until the site is completely ready for operation. Nevertheless, this is not our final station, we proceed with our daily follow up, technical, and logistic service approaches assuring that our provided solution is always meeting our customer’s expectations at all aspects of the project operation stages.

Both of our experienced projects unit team of FourMed and our business partners’ experts are capable of providing our clients with consultation amenities concerning designing, scheming, and arranging workflow planning of different health care facility projects and at different levels.

Professional 2D and 3D drawings

Professional 2D and 3D drawings are provided for the site of application to visualize all necessary information and details to enable taking a clear decision that is ready for practical implementation. Prior to that, rendering the drawings to dynamic video presentations, focusing on the workflow planning is an added value to our approach. Simply and proudly said, we are the only company that combines the artistic approach, the know-how tactics of dealing with medical equipment, and workflow planning principles. By our highly developed 3D planning software, we enable you to position at the forefront of the project cascading; showing room lighting calculation, depiction of laminar flow, flow characteristics, and considerations of logistic regulations. This provides our clients with enormous reassurance and sets their concerns at ease while still in the planning phase.

3D Planning

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Prepared Design

Based on properly prepared design, and in coordination with our business partners, our team will produce a detailed timeline describing the firmly sequential phases of the implementation process. This timeline exhibits all specifics with respect to delivery, installation, and commissioning of our offered products and solutions.

All details including the finest among them are taken care of, all involved risks are calculated, and finally, a strict timeline is always tied up to schedule the implementation process. We respect our time schedules. They strictly get performed without any compromise upon the quality of our accomplishments, sustaining our client’s satisfaction as our main goal.

“We take care of all and finest details, calculate all involved risks, and tailor a time constrained implementation schedule showing start and due dates of our project stages”