We are committed to continuously develop outstanding employees through hiring skillful individuals, and training them to improve their own endorsements. Besides, the optimum motivations have been put forth to encourage them for the best accomplishments.

Teamwork is our leading strategy to conduct our business and influence the market by providing our customers with the best services. Also, being one of our main commitments is the continuous development of outstanding employees, which will always play a major role in the efficiency of our teamwork attitude.

We are committed to continuously develop outstanding employees through hiring skillful individuals, and training them to improve their own endorsements. Besides, the optimum motivations have been put forth to encourage them for the best accomplishments.

Our team is composed of a competent and experienced management, administrative, financial, technical, and logistics teams. All teams work and communicate with each other through a well-defined operation processes with clearly defined rules and responsibilities.

The exponentially increasing improvements of our teams’ skills within a rewarding environment that is always encouraging the teamwork spirit, is recognized as one of our main success factors. Our employees are our assets, and we always invest in developing their technical skills, provide them with all necessary tools, and motivate them by all available means to post their performance.

Our management team is composed of well-quailed and experienced finance, sales, projects, and service managers. Their main function is to coach their departments’ team, and help develop their skills toward the achievement of the company vision and mission.


Aamar Tufail

Finance Manager

We are indeed eager to develop financial well-being of the organization, with high ethics and integrity, to support the company’s strategic objectives, and to secure the interests of internal and external stakeholders and ensuring a sustainable business. We are ensuring that the company comply with regulations, adhere to financial reporting standards, good corporate governance, and the maintaining of an effective internal control relating to risk management and finance.

Mohammad Farah

Branch Manager – FourMed Jordan

Business management trends vary for enterprises, the most challenging ones are those combining ethics, professionalism, commitments, high standards, strategic business development, education toward the work environment, the team, the clients, and suppliers; such healthy complex business mixture will ensure long term and steady business growth, which we do always find and develop at our FourMed.

Bassam Abu Aysheh

Service Manager

We strive to provide our customers with outstanding and reliable technical, products’ applications, and logistics services. This requires from us to continuously improve the professional and technical skills of our service team, as well as to develop our different operational and service processes to exceed the continuously increasing customers’ demand for cost effective, and fast services.

Faysal Al Andary

Sales Manager – UAE

We believe that success comes by doing things better and smarter, it means making the most of our resources, empowering people to do what they do best and using the power of diverse ideas to overcome challenges. Therefore in our family-friendly atmosphere, our people feel supported in their career and encouraged to embrace change and continually gain new skills toward a continuous success and organizational growth.

Karim Ashour

Projects Sales Manager- UAE

Our projects unit provides high quality solutions throughout the different stages of the project management in terms of planning, designing, building, and equipping. We offer our clients tailored packages according to their need and their budget. Our widely experienced team is composed of planners, architects, technicians & medical equipment specialists is able to effectively tailor solutions for the hospitals’ surgical & endoscopy suites, intensive care units & CSSDs.

Fahmi Al Masri

Branch Manager- FourMed

We strive to participate in the healthcare system development in Jordan by providing advanced technology to our healthcare providers. Our business management and throughout our ethics, professionalism and customer service creates trusts and long term relationship with our clients & partners. Despite the manifold challenges in our business operations, we managed to create remarkable business growth, reaching clients and partner’s satisfaction, thanks to our team in Jordan and UAE.

Sales and application specialists are all trained on the products and their applications. They approach the market as consultants with their main mission to understand our customers’ needs and offer the best solutions accordingly. Each is specialized in his/her assigned line of products with continuous knowledge updates on new products, trends, and solutions to provide our customers with professional advices.

Our project management team is composed of well-trained and experienced engineers that are equipped with all necessary tools in order to facilitate their work for achieving project goals within the agreed time frame. The team members are responsible for accomplishing their time framed tasks under the impact of smooth coordination and teamwork atmosphere. Such spiritual values are comprehensively being controlled by the company’s management, guaranteeing continuous progress and achievement of each objective following the announced project time schedule

Banner Service Eng

Service engineers and technicians are intensively trained on the installation and the technical services for our products. They are certified by the original manufacturers to carry out the required technical services of the products. Nevertheless, our technical team is always teaming up with our manufacturers’ specialized team for the non-stopping updates on technical support tactics and methodologies.

Support activities team, in terms of business operation support engineers, operation officers, administrative assistance, HR & public relation, and finance team working in harmony to continuously and effectively support the sales and service field team with an efficient and integrated business operational processes.