It is a new month and new events keep coming. Today we would like to update our journal with a report about the one-day workshop on the LATEST UPDATE IN OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY, which took place at Fairmount Hotel at Shaikh Zayed road – Dubai on the 15th of April. The organizer of the event is BAYER PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY. It is a highly reliable and famous company with over 150 year’s history of development and branches all over the world. The Bayer Company has a lot of outstanding prescription products especially for cardiology and women’s health. They pay close attention to woman’s health and give every possible assistance to gynecologists by organizing such events, and here is the role of FourMed came to support this event by Bayer.

The workshop agenda followed a standard scheme. It started with lectures and updates on most important subjects and then was followed by practice aiming to strengthen result. As usual FourMed representatives were there to enhance outcome of the event by providing Richard Wolf’s endoscopy workstations and demonstrate the products to the particpants.

Dr. Hazem M. Al-Mandeel from King Khalid University Hospital in Saudi Arabia, Chairman of Department, Assistant Professor and Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery, was in charge of our 3 endoscopy stations for suturing, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. He is the man who always looks for challenging cases in his practice and is eager to share his experience with other doctors who are highly motivated in upgrading their professional skills.

Dr. AL-Mandeel has immense experience in single port laparoscopy. He performs robotic operations as well. Naturally, FourMed was pleased with the fact that Doctor Hazem M. AL-Mandeel took interest in our single port solution instruments. One of the topics Dr. Al-Mandeel discussed during the course of the workshop was the utilisation of Office Hysteroscopy in Gynecology. The theoretical material mentioned during the lecture was further used in practice involving pelvic simulator and compact 3.8 Hysteroscope by R.Wolf.

Dr. Al-Mandeel said that he hadn’t had a chance to work with Richard Wolf brand before and it took him some time to get adjusted to the shape of our compact model instruments. Still in the end he admitted that adaptation process didn’t take him too many efforts and that working process was very efficient. The feature he liked best about our RW Endocamera apart from the outstanding picture quality was the automatic white balance, which is time saving and convenient in use.

The topics of this workshop are very up-tо-date, therefore they have attracted more than 70 participants in total. Moreover, due to the high demand for such workshop, it will be happening again on 13th of May at Intercontinental Hotel Festival City- Duabi.

Alena Ulantsikava