Quality Policy

FourMed Quality Policy

FourMed Medical Supplies L.L.C.’s (FourMed) vision is to become the leading inventive solution provider for medical supplies and services in UAE. It has set its mission on supplying comprehensive and effective solutions to its clients through the provision of world-class quality medical supplies services with various medical specialties. To achieve its mission and vision, FourMed sets the following quality policy for all its interested parties.

FourMed Medical Supplies L.L.C.’s (FourMed) defines quality solutions as to that which “results to meeting both the implied and stated needs of its clients”. With this defined, FourMed aims to render excellent high-quality-branded products to its clients, utilizing the latest technology and most advanced devices by top caliber professionals who are respected and recognized in their own fields.

In order to do this, we:

  1.  Devote our efforts on improving the quality of healthcare services and medical supplies;
  2.  Commit to play an active role in the development of the local healthcare sector by providing effective solutions to the healthcare providers in terms of quality products combined with high level of continuous technical, scientific, and logistics services.
  3. Commit to customer service excellence, to continuously develop outstanding employees equipped with all necessary tools, to provide our customers with effective and innovative solutions, and to the brand image of our supplying partners.
  4. Establish, implement and maintain a system that is compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In line with the above, FourMed Quality Policy includes:

  1. Establishing, improving and realizing this quality policy and its defined measurable objectives.
  2. Establishing a clear organizational structure and communication process among all of our business undertakings.
  3. Defining clear roles and responsibilities of all personnel at different departments.
  4. Maintaining documents and records for the various business processes and communications.
  5. Allocating and managing resources appropriately toward achieving our mission and vision.
  6. Provide our customers with outstanding technical, scientific, and delivery services.
  7. Ensuring that acquired products from suppliers are effective, efficient, safe and reliable to use.
  8. Maintaining a Quality Assurance Program in all our products and services.

The Management of FourMed shall conduct periodic review of this policy, and provide the resources necessary for its full enforcement while aiming to continually improve the system.

This policy shall be communicated to all FourMed’s personnel and shall be made available to those interested parties on demand.

Samer Masri
Managing Director