Uterus Thermal ablation workshop.

FourMed and Prima Vista training center were honored to organize one more event. This time it was devoted to Thermal ablation, a procedure used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding. The participants had an opportunity to get familiar with ablation equipment Thermablate

A lot of experienced doctors with a great number of patients, wide range of practice and knowledge but still with limited experience in thermal ablation became familiar with a variety of  ablation techniques and acquired foundational skills and few tips and tricks regarding timing, quality and reliability of procedure for a safe and efficacious clinical application . Although the event took just one day, we managed to deliver a high quality lectures and educational practice in full.

The lectures and practice were performed by Dr. Osman Ortashi, highly experienced in using thermal ablation in his practice and good knowledge of Thermablate device. He focused on such important aspects as the most appropriate indications for thermal ablation according to present guidelines, providing a review of different strategies of the procedure. And answered all the questions related to the procedure. Dr. Osman particularly stressed the ease to use Thermablate device.  The system which consists of a disposable, pre-filled catheter-balloon cartridge and a reusable hand held treatment control unit (TCU), once ready the catheter is inserted transcervically into uterine cavity and the treatment is initiated with just a finger switch.

For the practice 3 Richard Wolf equipped work stations were assembled with 2 different simulators for each station. During the workshop the participants had an opportunity to practice at both simulators: Gyne and lap ones. The First simulator used was gynecological simulator with precise women anatomy for prior hysteroscopy. As a part of Thermablate procedure doctor had to examine uterus before starting ablation. Laparoscopy simulator was used to contain real tissue to practice ablation. In order to simulate human uterus tissue quail (small bird whose cavity size suited perfectly for our purpose) was used. After all the preparations were complete, the participants performed the ablation.  The whole procedure took less than 3 minutes. During the ablation the movement of “uterus” could be observed while the device was filling inner balloon with glycine at 173 degrees temperature. Upon completing the ablation we could see through Hysteroscope the effect of the machine. The cavity was nicely burned and it was clear that the bleeding of the “uterus” stopped.

The participants were awarded with 3.5 CME hours and certificates of attendance accredited by the DHA )Dubai Health Authority). The participants’ feedback on the workshop was also great, they especially underlined the effectiveness and benefits of the workshop with enough timing for everyone to practice.


Alena Ulantsikava

Marketing Executive