On 6th – 7th of October Prima Vista Training Center was honored to accommodate the third time Gynecological Endoscopic surgery course organized by MISS-E (The Minimally Invasive Surgery Society of Egypt). This surgery course is the first step in qualifying participants to apply for CICE international diploma in Gyne-Endoscopy Clermont Ferrand – France 2017 and obtain European Bachelor’s degree in Endoscopy Certification exam.

Both days of this thoughtfully and well-planned course started with lectures. We have to point out that content of the lectures changes each course to correspond to the demands of participants and to optimize its efficiency. Subjects covered in lectures were useful, detailed and practical. All the lecturers have extensive experience to illustrate a lot of real examples from their own practice.

For the hands on training we provided 5 fully equipped stations. The First station was designed for Office hysteroscopy. We used Richard Wolf compact Hysteroscope 3.8 mm on the first day and an Optiflow on the second day. Gynecological simulator was used for practicing correct insertion of Hysteroscope and Optiflow. The camera-navigating simulator was used to evaluate control of the camera inside the uterus. Also the pin extraction module used to simulate the extraction of polyps from uterus.

The Second station was equipped with Laparoscopic camera navigating simulator. This simulator was used to evaluate ability of participants to control R. Wolf Logic HD Camera inside the abdomen. On third station we placed Hand- Eye Coordinating Module equipped with multiple pins and rings. Pins had to be manipulated with 2 graspers and placed into hole marked with corresponding color.

The 2 other stations were devoted to suturing due to excessive demand among participants on this practice. Suturing stations were the busiest throughout both days. And earlier given lecture on suturing was really great help for participants.

At the end of the second day all participants got certificate rewarded with 7 CME hours.   Words of appreciation and positive feedback were expressed by all the attendees. And we were pleased to make sure one more time that this course has constant demand and serves as a great first step for beginners in transition from theory to practice in laparoscopy.

New events will come soon, keep looking for updates on our website.

Alena Ulantsikava.

Showroom Representative.